Our Past is Always With Us

With a plague of darkness threatening to consume the galaxy, salvation lies with one battle-scarred warrior.

The 24th century: Humanity colonised the galaxy. Inter-solar corporations have grown immensely powerful and no longer subject to the rule of law.

Navy Pilot and Martian War veteran, Mira Thorn, is driven by the desire to finish out her duty rotation with what’s left of her parts intact. A goal that gets far more complicated when the FSS Berlin disrupts a pirate attack on a corporate freighter.

Dispatched to investigate the damaged vessel, Mira and her companions uncover a startling threat that could wipe out all those aboard. With the broken ship fast becoming their only hope of survival, Mira’s team must fight to prevent their situation from spiralling into a hopeless black hole.

Delving into the unknown, Mira embarks on a journey that forces her to confront her past, her future... and her own mortality

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