Paul Grover

Science Fiction Author

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Independent Author Writing Space Adventure

I am an independent author from the South of England. I write Space Adventure Stories and my first novel “Ark of Souls” was published to Amazon in 2017.

Ark of Souls is the first of a series set in and around an area of space called the Cygnus Vale. The Vale is approximately 1,500 light years from Earth and shares borders with Human and Verani Space. The Verani are reclusive species and the only other sentient civilisation humanity has encountered.

Our protagonist is Mira Thorn. She is a Commander in the Federal Navy and currently serves as Bridge Officer on the FSS Berlin, an old warship on deep patrol.

Mira is a war veteran. She flew Cobra Drop Ships during the Martian War of Independence. She was left scarred and emotionally damaged when her ship was shot down during a routine mission. Mira is trying to turn her life around and is beginning to see a future for herself.

So what can you expect? I hope readers find the series accessible and fun, there are some deeper issues and themes buried in the book and throughout the series. Although an adventure story there are mystical, fantasy and mildly dystopian elements to the story.

The second book in the series, Ghosts of the Vale, is due for release in the summer of 2019.