Ravage: Apocalypse of Wolves - MacCraw

What is it?

Post Apocalyptic Adventure Story with Supernatural Elements

Rating: 4 out 5 - Very Good

Paul Grover

UK Author Writing Space Adventure

Ravage: Apocalypse of Wolves is a post apocalyptic story of a world plunged into darkness and overrun by wolfmen.


The action starts with a band of survivors in Scotland.  They learn of a weapon that may prove effective against the hordes of wolf soldiers that has been developed in Italy.  So they head off to try and find it.


This is an action packed read, our survivors jump from one crises to another, they loose friends and make new ones along the way.


The characters are all well drawn a likeable, from the steadfast Kirkley – the bands defacto leader; a man of strong morals and drive to survive.  Kirkley’s reliable sideman Pack, Hannah a troubled young woman and the enigmatic Poet are all firm favourites. As are so many of the folks we meet an loose along the way.


Dialogue is great, there is some great interactions between characters.  On occasions  dialogue can get a little explanatory.  I have to commend the author on how well he uses and plays in UK English. Mr MacCraw is from the US  but has great understanding of how we Brits speak (and swear!).  There a couple of small giveaways, but nothing that breaks immersion.


There are plenty of cross references throughout.  I particularly enjoyed a line similar to one uttered by Hicks in Aliens.  There is also a scene not dissimilar to the American Werewolf in London (again I liked this a lot).


This book moves quickly, the pacing reminds me a lot of a graphic novel or maybe a video game-it works well and lends an urgency to the plot.  I also like how we arrive in a world sometime after the apocalypse and it feels established and lived in.


Are the any downsides?


At times I found there was perhaps a little too much tell and not enough showing. There was the occasional geographical error, but again these are not immersion breaking. 


AoW does not have any chapter breaks, I like chapters as they give me something to aim for when reading (I’m a traditionalist).  The text does have natural pauses, so it sort has breaks built in; so again not story breaking.


Overall this was an enjoyable read.  I’m certainly going to read the prequel when it comes out.