Writing can be a lonely process - I hang out on a writers help board on facebook. Friendly advice and read and review circle.

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The Indie Community is a diverse mix of creative people working in various genres and sometimes even creating new ones.  

Here are some of the people I have met on my journey - check them out, remember every time you choose an indie author you are directly supporting a writer & the other creative people who the work with.

Carmilla is a UK based Horror and Feminist Writer.  An expert in all things dark she does not shy from subject matter that can be disturbing and fascinating .  Carmilla is not just about scares, her characters are well drawn and her writing often thought provoking.

They’re busy people over at ACN, Marie and Ben also host the Indie Beginning Podcast where they introduce and discuss new work with their listeners.


You can find out more here

Stella Coulson

Stella is the author of the Lenore Lee Tales, a series of books about a you girl who lives in the space between the everyday world and the supernatural realm.  Stella writes in the YA/NA bracket, but her books are accessible and fun.  If you are fan of True Blood and the Lost Boys, you’ll love what she does.

Nicole Cadet

Nicole is fantasy artist.  She specialises in the wonderful world of swords and magic (I’m long time fantasy fan, going back the days of Text Adventures!).  Nicole has produced some character sketches for me and her style really captures the Vale Universe.

Kevin Grover

Kevin is a horror writer based in Kent. His latest features clowns and who doesn’t love clowns?  In case your noting a resemblance in the surname - he is my younger bro (I got the looks and brains, just don’t tel him I said that)

Scott Carruba

Scott is from Houston and writes dark, urban fantasy. HIs worlds are exciting and well drawn, full of interesting characters you want to spend time with.

Carmilla Voiez

Marie Kammerer Franke


Marie is the author of a fast and exciting Science Fiction story called A Charming Nightmare (ACN Book #1).  Set 40,000 years in the future we follow Aylin – 21st Century woman engaged with small task of saving humanity.

UK Author Writing Space Adventure

Paul Grover

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