Everyone likes a freebie once in a while!

On this page you’ll find links to downloadable PDFs of short stories and articles from the Vale Universe.  Sometimes they’ll be standalone tales, sometimes they’ll be deleted chapters that had the potential to be a story.

At some point I’ll probably group Frontier Stories into an anthology. When I do they’ll disappear from here.  Never fear others will take their place

On  the planet Serana the harvest is about to commence. The yield is one of the best in living memory and planet will be categorised as a Stage II world.

Families from the Annsford Prefecture gather to watch the arrival of the giant harvesting machines.  Today is a day of celebration.

Davie Booth is 10 years old.  He dreams of piloting one of the great machines when he is old enough.

His excitement turns to terror as the species known only as the Blackened arrive.

Harvest takes place between the events of Ghosts of the Vale and Wheel of Fire.  At around 1500 words  it’s a short story born of a spare chapter.   

Click here to download a PDF

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