In the 24th century, the human race has colonised the galaxy. Economic and political fragmentation has allowed inter solar corporations to grow so powerful they are no longer subject to the rule of law.


The Cygnus Vale, A remote, unpopulated region bordering the Human Frontier and the Verani Dominion. The Verani believe the Vale is where all life began and where all life will end.


On the Outer Frontier the FSS Berlin, an ageing Federal Navy Cruiser, disrupts a pirate attack on a corporate freighter. Mira Thorn, an emotionally damaged veteran of the Martian War, of Independence, is despatched to investigate the heavily damaged vessel.


The broken ship becomes Mira and her companion’s only hope of survival as events spiral out of their control.


As they begin their desperate voyage for salvation, a discovery in the hold launches them on a journey spanning lightyears and millennia.


A journey that unlocks the secret of the Vale. A journey that forces Mira to confront her past ,her future and her own mortality


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Ark Of Souls - Book 1 of the Vale Series

UK Author Writing Space Adventure

Paul Grover