I started writing back in the late 1980s on a Commodore Amiga running a word processor called ProText, I spent a few years learning the basics from the limited number of instructional books I could find.


In those early years I am not ashamed to admit that I did not achieve very much!  The distractions of music and motorcycles all proved too great.  None of that early writing exists, the floppy disks it was stored on have long gone. Although one character survived from my earliest attempts at writing and he is in Ark of Souls, I guess he made an impression on me.

About Me

Moving on to the 21st Century I started to write a little more, it was more focused but I still lacked the ability to last the distance of a novel; there are some short stories from this period I am still very pleased with.


I guess my first serious piece was the story that became Ark of Souls; I started character and world building in 2014, with the bulk of the writing taking place through 2015 and 2016.  There were many false starts all of which helped me figure out structure and pacing.


Going into 2017 I had no real intentions of publishing – I wrote for my own enjoyment, yet I showed the drafts to a few trusted friends and gave me enough support to self publish on Kindle.

So why Space Opera?


In 1977 I saw Star Wars at the cinema, at the time it was the first “proper” film I had seen. It was a kind of cool period for live action space fantasy – Blakes 7, Battlestar Galactica and even Buck Rodgers in the 25th century helped fuel my interest. It was those shows and movies that encouraged me to pick up books for pleasure.  I soon graduated toward harder Science Fiction, some of which I enjoyed hugely, some of which I hated.  I found that a lot of books I read lived within the confines of real science – which is absolutely correct and core to the genre; but did not satisfy my need for fast paced escapism.


The type of story I wanted to read needed warp drives and artificial gravity.  Having said that I like my fiction grubby and lived in, I like characters with vices and bad habits. The universes I like are  and populated by dysfunctional heroes in rundown starships

What else do you do?


When I’m not writing I play a little guitar and take a few pictures.  I have recently rediscovered a love of Vinyl Records and I’m rebuilding my collection of Classic Rock and Metal!  I like to travel and enjoy nothing  more than trekking round Africa on a truck…something I wish I could do more of!

UK Author Writing Space Adventure

Paul Grover

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