‍My biography…

‍Let’s start with what you know already. I’m Paul and I write Space Opera.

‍I started writing in the late 80s, messing around with an early word processor called Protext. It ran on the Commodore Amiga. In between Open University essays I would use it to write fiction and print out stories on tractor fed dot matrix paper (anyone remember the Star LC-10?)

‍None of those stories made it to the present day. Somewhere there is a stack of 3.5 inch floppy disks with all my work on.

‍With the dawn of the 90s jobs, mortgages and life impeded writing. It was around 2000 I dusted off some old ideas and started to write regularly. I took a creative writing course at my local adult education centre. This was a fun period during which I learned a lot.

‍Once again life happened and unable to find an outlet for my work, I moved away from writing to concentrate on music.

‍At some point Kindle e-books appeared. When I discovered Kindle, my interest in writing took off again. It was in part thanks to a book that disappointed me so much I had a “I can do better” moment. I figured if I couldn’t find the book I wanted to read, then perhaps I should write it myself. At this point I didn’t know there was such a thing as Kindle Direct Publishing or what an Indie Author was.

‍So, in 2013 I armed myself with more “how to” books than anyone can safely imagine and researched everything I could on writing. I started to experiment with characters and ideas Slowly, the story that became Ark of Souls evolved.

‍That’s how I got started… it took me nearly 20 years. NowI find it hard to stop.

‍So is that all I do? Nope! I figure life is too short and we should cram in as much as we can. Away from the keyboard I play guitar, ride motorcycles, take pictures and play games. I discovered travelling late in life and every few years I go trekking in Africa. 

‍I live in the South East of England with my wife, son, cat and a crazy collie.

‍My influences

‍My influences are many–I find in reading I go through phases of different genres. I tend to be cyclic, so these days it’s more like a return than a new discovery.

‍Genres I read are: Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Thrillers and some military stuff. I think these influence my writing as there are elements of all of them in the Ark of Souls universe.

‍Authors I like include James Herbert, Stephen King, Peter F. Hamilton, Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert and Tom Clancy.